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and statistics tracker

The most complete yet easy-to-use tennis tracker app that ever existed.

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Who uses Tennis Math?

Professional Trainers

Track and analyze the strong and weak points of your students' tennis. Keep the match records and analyze players' progress over time.

Parents of talented kids

Your kids will be just amazed with the Tennis Math detailed reports à la pro!

Friends and fans

Share a detailed fancy match report on the web with your pals who can't support on-site. See a sample report.

"A superb application with desirable usability, transposed from practical expertise and very addictive."

"I love the app. I finally have something productive to do while watching my son play... other than feeling my heart race!"

How does it work?

  1. Get to the court, concentrate.
    Tracking of a whole match certainly requires diligence, but you will be rewarded with a professional report afterwards.
  2. Select players.
  3. Select Scoring Rule.
    Tennis Math supports hundreds of rules including very exotic ones!
  4. Select Tracking Depth to define the aspects you want to track.
    Choose between Basic, which is the easiest, and Freak, which is completely impossible. ;-)
  5. The tracking session begins and is quite self-explanatory.
    Some hints: A shake deletes a point. Finer undo-redo is also available.
    You can start from any score and also fix the score during the match.
    For more details on how to operate the tracker, check the Tutorial.
  6. Coming soon: Share a link to the live scoreboard with anyone to let them follow the match!
  7. After your match is finished, share a fancy match report on the web.
    Neat, isn't it?

What Tennis Math does best?

Manifold Scoring Rules

Tennis Math supports hundreds of scoring rules, including very exotic ones. The Scoring Rules editor allows you to construct any feasible scoring rule.

Still missing a rule? Surprise us with filing a feature request to the User Support.

Share match reports on the web

You can share a nice report of any finished match on the web.

Check this example of how such a report may look.

Flexible Tracking Depth

Tracking Depth is a configuration of how thoroughly you want to track your match.

We provide a few Depth presets, but you also can construct your own depending on what aspects of the game are the most relevant for you to track.

No ads whatsoever

From the very beginning Tennis Math was not only free, but also ad-free. We do not plan on changing this.

Player profile

Keep the records of your players and analyze their development over the years.

Multi-device support

If you sign in and synchronize, your data will be safely kept on Tennis Math server. You get a regular back-up and also the option to share the data between multiple devices.

What is coming?

We are constantly improving the app, and you may expect the following features to come soon:

Live score broadcasting

Share a link to a web view with your live match score. Let other fans who are not on-site follow the match.

Detailed doubles tracking

This feature is certainly the most requested one. There will be a possibility to distinguish each player in a team and get drill-downs for each player.

Graphs and post-analysis

The tracked data may be visualized in many fancy ways. Memento chart, match development graph, and so on - stay tuned!

Personal web profile

Signed-in users will be able to see and manage all their data on the web.


We plan to provide localization for: Spanish, French, German, Russian, Polish, Czech, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Romanian, Portugese, and Chinese languages.

Missing a feature?

File a request in the community-powered user support!